Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nothing Satisfies but God

I have found that in life it is hard to find satisfaction. No matter what you have accomplished you still can not seem to find joy or happiness. I constantly realize that with everything that goes on in my life joy almost always seems to leak out. I am not saying that I lack happiness or am in a state of depression but that  all the good things in life are only temporary. I come to the realization that there is one thing that remains constant and brings instant joy into your heart and that is Christ. People go to youth group at church just to see friends and not expecting to experience any spiritual moment. Then the music sounds, God and His angels enter the room through the songs giving you an overwhelming feeling. At this moment joy is existent God is in you and life's pain just fades away. I give the analogy of worship not to say that it is the only source of joy but i bring it up as a supporting factor that through God joy is constant in your life. This world has nothing for us, nothing to satisfy our sinful hearts but God's mere presence can bring overwhelming satisfaction. I challenge all readers to stop looking for satisfaction in this world and look upon Christ for he satisfies every craving.

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