Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nothing Satisfies but God

I have found that in life it is hard to find satisfaction. No matter what you have accomplished you still can not seem to find joy or happiness. I constantly realize that with everything that goes on in my life joy almost always seems to leak out. I am not saying that I lack happiness or am in a state of depression but that  all the good things in life are only temporary. I come to the realization that there is one thing that remains constant and brings instant joy into your heart and that is Christ. People go to youth group at church just to see friends and not expecting to experience any spiritual moment. Then the music sounds, God and His angels enter the room through the songs giving you an overwhelming feeling. At this moment joy is existent God is in you and life's pain just fades away. I give the analogy of worship not to say that it is the only source of joy but i bring it up as a supporting factor that through God joy is constant in your life. This world has nothing for us, nothing to satisfy our sinful hearts but God's mere presence can bring overwhelming satisfaction. I challenge all readers to stop looking for satisfaction in this world and look upon Christ for he satisfies every craving.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Just ask Him!

My mind is always full of doubts. I constantly wonder why would I ask God for that He won't answer. The Lord definitely has proved me wrong over the years. As a little kid I had a head injury that limited me a great amount. I could not play sports I thought I would never be worth a thing, until I asked Him. I prayed to God asking, "Lord please allow me to be able to do sports and have fun?" I presented this question with many doubts not knowing if He would answer or even hear my prayers. The next week my doctor cleared me and allowed me to become an athlete. I tell you this story to show you that Christ really does hear and answer prayers. All you have to do is ask Him!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day by Day

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Everyday with Christ is a great one. It is Sunday the Lord's day a day to praise, a day to fellowship with other christians, and a day to spend time with family. When I roll out of bed in the morning, I try my best to thank the Lord for letting me breathe just one more day. The reason I try to think Him everyday is because it just might be my  last. In Matthew 25 the Lord tells us to be ready and be waiting for He will return and take His children home. This can bring panic, a sense of urgence, not knowing how much time you have left on this earth. I truely do not believe in thinking about what is next, I live my life day by day, minute by minute, thanking God for every second I have until my last breathe. I may leave this earth in the next second or the next hour, no one knows but as long as I am here as long as I have time I am going to make a difference. As christians our mission is to live life to the fullest away from sin and to be a leading example for those who are lost. So I encourage everyone who reads this, be an example lead God's children back to Him and be ready because He will return!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fulfilling God's Purpose

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At times when I feel worthless I am depressed and don't feel like living I remember that I am here for a reason. At a very young age I experienced a traumatic head injury that seemed to ruin my childhood. I was not a loud to play sports, not a loud to exercise could not do anything that a kid should be able to do. I remember as a kid not understanding why everyone said I was different, and why I could not play with all the other kids, it was tough. Over time as I got older I developed a hatred of my life having joy but remembering that joy is only temporary. For the longest time I was in darkness making horrible choices, defying my families trust and just going as far away from God as possible. I felt as if I had been neglected by humanity until I read Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have foryou," declares the Lord, "plans for welfare and not for calamity, plans to give you a future and a hope." The minute I read that verse was the minute my mindset changed. I realized that what happened to me was planned out by God before I was even born. Though what I was experiencing as a child was tough it was all for the good of my life. Now I am older and have opened my heart to God so that I may fulfill his plans for me to lead people to Him and Him alone. So if you are struggling, you do not know where to turn and you are almost ready to give up on life, read this verse (Jeremiah 29:11) and remember God has a purpose for everyone.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Giving God the Glory

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The toughest thing to do is to give God glory for your accomplishments. As humans born into selfish pride, we naturally put ourselves as the higher beings. We act as if there is no one higher than us not even God. At my high school I play football as a defensive end and I find it astonishing to see the opposing team or even players on my own team acting as if they are gods. They say, "You can not stop me I am invincible, no one can beat me." Yet they seem to forget who gave them their talent and who can take it away. God has been so gracious as to give every person he created their own personality and their own talents. I encourage that we all pray to God and thank Him for all we accomplish, giving Him all glory. Out of all things avoid selfish pride and be humble for God will bless you.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Christianity is Fading

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Where has Christianity gone? Our nation that was built and established under the glory of God is now under influence of selfish pride. The Lord has told us in his scripture that we are meant to be his lights on this earth and in this Christian nation. Can this nation even be called a, “Christian Nation,” anymore? A Christian nation is one that devotes all themselves and their political goals before their biblical standards. The United States of America most definitely falls short of this definition. We no longer allow prayer or any other sort of Christian act in public school systems. Mention the Lord in any public place and you will be mocked and ridiculed. Mr. Crosby told us a story of a time he taught in a public school and had the windows broken out of his truck because of his beliefs. Sadly enough this problem is not just in our nation but worldwide. In many countries Christians are killed and tortured in order to rid of their beliefs. Now there are Jihadists who are acting out of hatred of our Christian nation killing their own countrymen in order to make an example, striving to destroy us, while we destroy ourselves. In the midst of all these we just sit here and watch as the nation we know crumbles beneath our feet. How much longer are we as Christians going to wait for someone else to act? We were created as caregivers of this earth and are falling so short of our purpose, the primary teachings in schools used to be of deity and now it is of atheistic view deity is void.  I do not see this fade of Christianity getting any better and the bible definitely says it won’t. As Christians and lights of Christ we must fight against the temptations of this world and work to dominate this city. We are the resistance, keeping the biblical teachings is vital no matter how difficult life becomes. We were founded as a Christian nation and so a Christian nation we shall fight to maintain.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

 No matter how young you are God can use you!!!

Who is God?

           Often times we ask ourselves, “Who is God?” This question is often answered in such a gambling manner it is hard to trust the idea. The most common answer is, “He is our creator.” How is it we know He is above all else, the king of this universe. Is it only by faith that his existence relies on, or is there something else beyond faith that proves He is real? In my personal opinion I do not believe anything can be accomplished without an act of faith. For example, If you sit in a chair you have faith that it will uphold you. Just as we should trust in the existence of God and know he truly is our Savior. Any other belief rather than Christianity has been defiled and proven wrong, but somehow the belief in a Savior still stands. So my answer to the question of, “Who is God,” is that God is our Creator and Savior, and I base my answer completely on personal experience, faith, and biblical standard that’s all I need!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Call to Him

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Today was rough, I was hit hard by insults and gossip. Yet I still found happiness through Christ alone. He saved me and is completely and solely my Savior. I have realized that many people struggle throughout their days not knowing that if you call upon the Lord it will all get better. All it takes is for you to ask and He will answer. No matter how hard you try, living life without Christ will destroy you eventually, at some point in your life you are going to need Him. Why not be His today, so that tomorrow will be a new day, a new chance at life.

Monday, October 17, 2011


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Hi and thank you for visiting my blog. The sole purpose of this blog is to give viewers a hope and help them in their walk with Christ. I am a young teen yet I have experienced so much difficulty in my life. There have been times where I truely believed I was all alone in this life, until I met Christ. Ever since I met him i have never been the same, and now I fight to upkeep a christian example in my high school.