Thursday, October 20, 2011

Christianity is Fading

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Where has Christianity gone? Our nation that was built and established under the glory of God is now under influence of selfish pride. The Lord has told us in his scripture that we are meant to be his lights on this earth and in this Christian nation. Can this nation even be called a, “Christian Nation,” anymore? A Christian nation is one that devotes all themselves and their political goals before their biblical standards. The United States of America most definitely falls short of this definition. We no longer allow prayer or any other sort of Christian act in public school systems. Mention the Lord in any public place and you will be mocked and ridiculed. Mr. Crosby told us a story of a time he taught in a public school and had the windows broken out of his truck because of his beliefs. Sadly enough this problem is not just in our nation but worldwide. In many countries Christians are killed and tortured in order to rid of their beliefs. Now there are Jihadists who are acting out of hatred of our Christian nation killing their own countrymen in order to make an example, striving to destroy us, while we destroy ourselves. In the midst of all these we just sit here and watch as the nation we know crumbles beneath our feet. How much longer are we as Christians going to wait for someone else to act? We were created as caregivers of this earth and are falling so short of our purpose, the primary teachings in schools used to be of deity and now it is of atheistic view deity is void.  I do not see this fade of Christianity getting any better and the bible definitely says it won’t. As Christians and lights of Christ we must fight against the temptations of this world and work to dominate this city. We are the resistance, keeping the biblical teachings is vital no matter how difficult life becomes. We were founded as a Christian nation and so a Christian nation we shall fight to maintain.

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  1. Keagan Lorelai GlennOctober 22, 2011 at 9:29 AM

    Insprational! Nathaniel it's fantastic to see how strong your walk is with God. God is using your blogs to touch myself and others lives. Can't wait to see what else God has in store for you. You're in my prayers.