Friday, October 21, 2011

Giving God the Glory

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The toughest thing to do is to give God glory for your accomplishments. As humans born into selfish pride, we naturally put ourselves as the higher beings. We act as if there is no one higher than us not even God. At my high school I play football as a defensive end and I find it astonishing to see the opposing team or even players on my own team acting as if they are gods. They say, "You can not stop me I am invincible, no one can beat me." Yet they seem to forget who gave them their talent and who can take it away. God has been so gracious as to give every person he created their own personality and their own talents. I encourage that we all pray to God and thank Him for all we accomplish, giving Him all glory. Out of all things avoid selfish pride and be humble for God will bless you.

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