Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who is God?

           Often times we ask ourselves, “Who is God?” This question is often answered in such a gambling manner it is hard to trust the idea. The most common answer is, “He is our creator.” How is it we know He is above all else, the king of this universe. Is it only by faith that his existence relies on, or is there something else beyond faith that proves He is real? In my personal opinion I do not believe anything can be accomplished without an act of faith. For example, If you sit in a chair you have faith that it will uphold you. Just as we should trust in the existence of God and know he truly is our Savior. Any other belief rather than Christianity has been defiled and proven wrong, but somehow the belief in a Savior still stands. So my answer to the question of, “Who is God,” is that God is our Creator and Savior, and I base my answer completely on personal experience, faith, and biblical standard that’s all I need!

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  1. Great blog!
    I totally agree with your answer to who God is. My personal answer would be: INDESCRIBABLE!!!!!!!!!! Don't you just love the Lord and His unfailing love!!!!!!!
    BTW I'm a Rebelutionist